Raise Data Recovery

Raise Data Recovery 8.8

Enable data recovery after logical failures, malware attacks, accidental file deletion and hardware

Losing all your sensitive information is stressful enough to have to deal with complicated and labyrinthic recovery tools. Raise Data Recovery has been designed to help you retrieve your lost data in five simple and clearly-defined steps. Regardless of how your files or folders were lost – either by deleting them accidentally, a virus attack, or a hardware malfunction, among others – this simple yet efficient tool is capable of bringing your files back to you in seconds.

Its wizard-like interface will guide you through the always stressful recovery process in a smooth and straightforward way. Using clear instructions steps, Raise Data Recovery will ask you first to choose the drive your data was originally stored. Then, it will analyze the allocation of all current files in the drive selected and will start looking for lost files right away. This process may take longer than your nerves can handle if the drive being analyzed happens to have a few terabytes, but this is a crucial process required to present you with a list of all recoverable files and the information associated to them. A way of cutting down the time taken to complete this essential analysis could be to give the user the possibility of narrowing the search by selecting a file type, a file extension, or even a file name (or part of it). Regrettably, you need to wait for the entire search to finish and then browse for your lost file either using the standard folder tree structure or searching for it by name using the box provided.

Once you have located the lost files and selected them, the program will ask you to pick a target destination. Finally, Raise Data Recovery will retrieve all the damaged files for you in a breeze. Depending on the damage suffered, you will be able to preview the recoverable files in order to make sure those are the ones you were looking for. This is especially useful when recovering images with similar file names. Those capable of understanding how hexadecimal values work can also make use of the program’s hex viewer to double-check that everything looks as expected.

Though being a shareware product, Raise Data Recovery will let you retrieve up to around 256 KB of one file in size without any limitation to the number of copied files, and no limitation as to files sizes and number in a licensed mode. From then on, you will need to purchase a license whose price will vary depending on your file system (Windows or otherwise), your storage type (RAID or not), and any combination of those. Either way, you will find the program’s high level of efficiency – which is the main reason you ended up looking for a fine recovery tool – equally rewarding regardless of the license type.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wizard-based interface
  • Stress-free recovery process suitable for all types of users
  • Recovers all types of files
  • Undeletes full folders


  • No way of narrowing the search to reduce the analysis time
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